Thursday, March 15, 2007

Deion Sanders accused of stealing money from his kids!!!

Deion Sanders is being accused of stealing from his children's trust funds by his ex-wife Carolyn. Media-Takeout is reporting that she is suing for the alleged $1.75 million that he has depeleted to under $300,000.

"According to the family member, Deion's scheme came to light when 17 year old Deiondra asked for money to buy a car. The insider explains, "She wanted to use her trust fund money to buy the car. But when we looked into the fund, there was hardly anything left - and Deion was the only person with access to the accounts."

The source also speculated that one of the reasons he has resorted to taking the money out of the account is to pay for a pricey house he just purchased, but not might be able to afford.

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